Out now: Digital Content Quarterly issue 3

Following a volatile spring and early summer, with events and decisions that affect everyone working in public sector digital content provision,  Digital Content Quarterly (DCQ) is championing those digital projects, initiatives and services that provide ‘best practice’, positive examples and opportunities for emulation in increasingly austere times.

This is the Keep Calm and Carry On issue in which we consider how organisations can take a ‘sharper, smarter, stronger’ view of their sustainability strategies and business models. Paul Lima from the Canadian Heritage Information Network and Katie Pekacar from the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council look at how the cultural heritage community on both sides of the Atlantic can take a proactive approach to the economic downturn and build a stronger, leaner digital offering.

DCQ 3 is also packed with features, hints and tips, covering the widest spectrum of organisations yet, from the Internet Archive to Wikipedia. We are delighted to feature an interview with academic, journalist and BBC TV presenter Aleks Krotoski who gives a candid and enticing view of the television of the future as well as a glimpse of her new role as researcher-in-residence at the British Library.

An addition for this issue only is a supplement with four pages of features, video, sound and images to complement the work of the JISC Film and Sound Think Tank.

Please do pass on the magazine to your colleagues and feel free to twitter, blog, bookmark, email and disseminate as widely as possible. We’d love to know what you think, so if you have any comments on features, suggestions for future issues or would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also follow news on the Strategic Content Alliance twitter feed: SCA_NEWS

Download Digital Content Quarterly summer 2010 here:

Digital Content Quarterly, issue 3, summer 2010 (interactive version)

Digital Content Quarterly, issue 3, summer 2010 (non-interactive version)

And the Film and Sound supplement:

Fluency in Film and Sound: a new cultural imperative (a JISC Film and Sound Think Tank supplement) (interactive version)

Fluency in Film and Sound: a new cultural imperative (a JISC Film and Sound Think Tank supplement) (non-interactive version)

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If you are unable to use Acrobat version 9 then please download the non-interactive, pdf without video version. You can still watch the videos here on the blog: find them all at https://sca.jiscinvolve.org/wp/category/videos