JISC comments on European draft out-of-commerce works principles

JISC has commented on the European Commission’s draft Key Principles on the Digitisation and Making Available of Out-of-Commerce Works, ahead of a ‘stakeholder dialogue’ meeting on March 25.

The substantive points are below, marked in italic, and the comments can be read in full: JISC’s comments on draft Key Principles on the Digitisation and Making Available of Out-of-Commerce Works

Considering that the large-scale digitisation and making available of Europe’s cultural and educational heritage contained in library, university, museum and other similar collections is in the public interest and will foster tangible benefits for education, research, authors and citizens. We believe that these key principles will help nurture the EU Knowledge Economy and provide the basis for economic, cultural, research and education innovation.

Being aware that the creation of such digital libraries has to respect the fundamental intellectual property rights of creators and their assignees;

Recommending that each digital library project is widely advertised, through EC funded projects such as ARROW so that all stakeholders whose rights and interests might be affected  can decide whether or not to participate in that project in full knowledge of  its scope;

Recommending the extension of the Copyright Aquis to facilitate collective and cross-border licensing of out-of-commerce works across the European Union whilst ensuring that at the same time, Collecting Societies are regulated to ensure that they operate transparent, fair and equitable schemes which fairly remunerate authors, to enable mass digitization of out-of-commerce works.