First World War digital commemoration roundtable

As the anniversary of the First World War approaches in 2014, JISC convened a roundtable meeting, kindly hosted by the Imperial War Museum, to discuss its own and other organisations’ plans for the forthcoming anniversary.

At this initial meeting, a range of organisations initiated a ‘show and tell’ around respective future plans for the anniversary (either in the digital or ‘real’ space) with a view to potentially linking together to build a ‘joined-up’ strategy.

The roundtable provided an opportunity to explore the creative, technological, organisational, administrative and/or financial opportunities there may be to bring together the rich content held by key organisations in the public sector to enhance education and research and to build upon our nation’s body of knowledge of this period.

Plans are now being undertaken to map planned activity and then to develop a system of co-ordination in the coming months and years. If you would like any further information on this, please contact Sarah Fahmy (

View the presentation made on the day from Stuart Lee (Reader in E-learning and Digital Libraries Director, Oxford Computing Services):

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