Video lecture series: IPR and sustainability

Ithaka S+R and the JISC-led Strategic Content Alliance have led the way in examining ways in which the academic and cultural heritage sectors are defining sustainability and helping to make sure that the digital resources will endure and provide value well beyond the term of the grant. In 2012, two years and one economic crisis later, this essential research is more important than ever and the role of IPR and licensing within developing strategies for sustaining digital content has never been far away from the discussion.

Organisations are making tough decisions about the digital content that they own or manage and whether it would be desirable and/or possible to consider ways in which this content can be commercialised under a range of business models or indeed, kept ‘open’. It is essential that such decisions are not taken in isolation but included within a wider digital strategy. Fundamental to developing such a strategy is whether the organisation owns or is able to ‘licence in’ third party content for the purpose that the organisation would wish, whether this is commercial or otherwise. In essence, ‘rights in’ should mirror ‘rights out’ and may differ according to the different content that the organisation owns or manages.

Designed to aid understanding and offer guidance, the following video lecture series has been developed Naomi Korn (IP consultant for JISC) to consider how universities can deal with these issues in order to make the most informed choices when developing their digital strategy for content. These videos (licensed under a CC-BY-NC-SA licence) allow for individuals or organisations to embed or repurpose them for their own specific audiences. Please follow the links below to view the videos most relevant to your sector:

IPR and sustainability for universities:

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IPR and sustainability for libraries

IPR and sustainability for museums