Government policy on modernising copyright licensing

As part of its implementation work following the Hargreaves Review of IP, the Intellectual Property Office  has just published the Government’s policy on modernising copyright licensing following the latest consultation to which JISC amongst others has submitted various responses. In this policy, the Government has signalled its intention to publish draft legislation to facilitate new schemes for commercial and non commercial use of Orphan Works (works in copyright for which the rights holders are unknown or cannot be traced), voluntary extended collective licensing of copyright works, subject to a number of important safeguards, and to require collecting societies to adopt codes of conduct based on minimum standards. There are likely to be further opportunities to respond to any outlined measures once the draft legislation has been published.

The Government has also indicated that it will be publishing similar policy statements relating to extending the copyright exceptions later on in the year and JISC will be working to ensure the needs of HE are represented.