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**New SCA/ Ithaka S+R report and videos: Sustaining Our Digital Future**

Our lives are transformed as a result of technological innovation, with digital content being delivered across continents to millions of users via thousands of devices in hundreds of languages. But how long can we guarantee access to and use of this ‘gold rush’ of content? What lessons could be learnt from comparing and contrasting these … Read more

Digital content sustainability: ‘More than bits and bytes’ – event report from Digital Content: Organisational Transformation and Sustainability, London, 5 November 2012

As fireworks lit up the sky across London on Monday night, a sparkling discussion about sustaining digital content took place aboard the HMS Belfast with an invited audience of movers and shakers in the higher education, library and cultural heritage sector. The rocket that set it off was a new report, due to be published … Read more

New Creative Commons briefing paper and Orphan Works poster

Naomi Korn Consulting, commissioned by the Alliance has produced this short briefing paper on how Creative Commons (CC) licences can be embedded within digital resources created and managed by publically funded organizations. The paper aims to give an overview on the benefits of CC licence usage, some considerations to take into account before applying the … Read more

Worried about complying with the Digital Economy Act?

The latest briefing paper from the Strategic Content Alliance’s IPR consultant, Naomi Korn, offers some practical suggestions for public sector organisations to help ensure compliance with the Digital Economy Act, including a four step guide. Download the PDF here: Practical Suggestions to Remain Compliant with the Digital Economy Act: Naomi Korn, SCA IPR consultant, June … Read more

Sustaining Digital Resources: new Funders Preface version

A new version of Sustaining Digital Resources is now available with a revised Executive Summary to give a more nuanced interpretation of the findings for funders, as well as a succinct listing of ‘key findings’ and ‘factors influencing sustainability’, which are particularly pertinent to those working in funding bodies. Read on to find out more … Read more

Intellectual property rights at a glance

For public bodies, understanding the implications and roles of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and licensing in their capacity as a provider, aggregator and/or publisher of digital content is essential in their role in the digital content lifecycle from creation to curation, to ensure that they can deliver publically funded content. Three briefing papers have been … Read more

Sustainability at a glance

Ithaka S+R has completed a multi-year investigation of innovative funding models to sustain digital projects, culminating in a summary paper and twelve detailed case studies. Now, Ithaka has produced three briefing papers for use across the public sector, highlighting suggestions drawn from this project, and suggesting how the examples provided by some of the case … Read more

Provide feedback for the chance to win £50 Amazon vouchers

 The Strategic Content Alliance has published a range of resources in key areas, from Audience and IPR to Business Models. The toolkits include briefing papers, visualisation guides and case studies. If you have used any of these resources we would really like to know how helpful they were to you and any improvements you think … Read more

New publications: sustainable strategies for digital resources

Tens of millions of dollars, pounds and euros are invested each year by government agencies and private foundations to develop and support digital resources in the not-for–profit sector. As institutional budgets tighten, will these digital resources be able to survive and thrive? A new study, released today by Ithaka S+R and the JISC-led Strategic Content … Read more