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First world war digital commemoration meeting March 2012: download notes and presentations

Partnership, open and legacy were key words at the first world war digital centenary planning meeting held at the Imperial War Museum on March 27 when representatives from the UK’s leading academic, cultural and heritage organisations met to share plans for the centenary, explore ways of working together and discuss JISC’s white paper for the … Read more

Revenue, Recession, Reliance: case studies in sustainability

JISC-led Strategic Content Alliance and Ithaka S+R release final report on their Case Studies in Sustainability, revealing how different business models fared during the economic downturn 6 October New York, NY and London, UK –Ithaka S+R, with funding from the JISC-led Strategic Content Alliance, released today “Revenue, Recession, Reliance: Revisiting the SCA/Ithaka S+R Case Studies … Read more

Strategic Content Alliance Funding Opportunities 2011/12

The Strategic Content Alliance is pleased to announce funding opportunites in the following areas: JISC ITT Strategic Content Alliance: Digital Content Sustainability Syllabus Development The JISC, on behalf of the Strategic Content Alliance (SCA) invites tenders to create a syllabus of open digital resources and related training courses. This syllabus is intended to foster the … Read more

New report: Funding for Sustainability: How Funders’ Practices Influence the Future of Digital Resources

A new Strategic Content Alliance/Ithaka S+R report examines funding practices to provide insight on post-grant sustainability for digital resources Ithaka S+R, funded by the JISC-led Strategic Content Alliance (SCA), released today Funding for Sustainability: How Funders’ Practices Influence the Future of Digital Resources. This report, written by Nancy L Maron and Matthew Loy, provides funders … Read more

Sustaining Digital Resources: new Funders Preface version

A new version of Sustaining Digital Resources is now available with a revised Executive Summary to give a more nuanced interpretation of the findings for funders, as well as a succinct listing of ‘key findings’ and ‘factors influencing sustainability’, which are particularly pertinent to those working in funding bodies. Read on to find out more … Read more

Sustainability at a glance

Ithaka S+R has completed a multi-year investigation of innovative funding models to sustain digital projects, culminating in a summary paper and twelve detailed case studies. Now, Ithaka has produced three briefing papers for use across the public sector, highlighting suggestions drawn from this project, and suggesting how the examples provided by some of the case … Read more

Feedback survey now closed

The online survey asking for your feedback on Strategic Content Alliance resources has now closed and the winner of the Amazon vouchers has been selected at random from the entrants who completed all the fields. Thank you to everyone who took part – your feedback is extremely helpful and will be used to improve future … Read more