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New IPR e-learning module

Confused by copyright? In the dark about IPR? A new elearning module from the  Strategic Content Alliance is to help update people dealing with intellectual property rights in universities, colleges, museums, libraries and other public bodies. Access the module at Read more

Out now: Digital Content Quarterly issue 3

Following a volatile spring and early summer, with events and decisions that affect everyone working in public sector digital content provision,  Digital Content Quarterly (DCQ) is championing those digital projects, initiatives and services that provide ‘best practice’, positive examples and opportunities for emulation in increasingly austere times. This is the Keep Calm and Carry On … Read more

Out now: Digital Content Quarterly issue 2

Following the successful launch of Digital Content Quarterly at the start of the year (and you can still download the launch issue), we’re delighted to bring you the second issue of the Strategic Content Alliance’s interactive magazine. This time DCQ is themed around the current hot topic of ‘open’ – open content, open education resources, … Read more